New Printer

March 1, 2024
large format printing
Epson Surecolor S80600

Hot Off The Press!

Today we received our new Epson S80600 printer.  We now have the capability to print double the volume in the same amount of time! 

This new printer runs off of a 10 cartridge system rather than just the standard CMYK.  We now have more color options than ever before!

On top of the standard CMYK cartridges, this large-format printer comes with a dedicated red, dedicated orange, light cyan, light magenta, light black- as well as metallic or white! 

Our reds were already amazing with the print profiles we used, imagine the red we can achieve with a dedicated red ink cartridge!


With our new printer, we want to introduce our nationwide print/ship wrap program.  If you are a new wrap shop starting out and need to work with a designer and print shop that can provide high quality- affordable solutions- give us a call 513-446-7674.