Size Matters

March 20, 2018

So... how big is it?  My exact answer would be 60 inches!  Why do you need to know this?  Well, the size of the printer really does matter when it comes to the quality of the wrap.  

How so? The answer is easy. 

Larger Print Media= Less Seams

This is how Paradise Graphix has achieved virtually seamless wrap installs.  While many in our industry consider a 54" printer (the industry standard) to be great; we believe bigger is better.  A 54" printer is fine for smaller cars; however if you plan on installing on a vehicle that is the size of a mini van or larger... you are going to want to go bigger.  The extra print width makes it possible to wrap most vans and trucks seamlessly.  This improves the overall value of your wrap.  It will make it last longer; and it looks astronomically better than having a ton of uneven seams.


There are still some vehicles that will require seams to wrap in full.  This is where you have to put your faith in the capability of your installer.  I reccommend asking to see a wrap done by your wrap company up close.  While most of our competition will try to sell you on the fact that a wrap only has to look good from 5 ft. away or further; I will sell you on the fact that your wrap needs to look good to someone standing inches away.  


Think about how you want to promote your company.  You want your wrap to look good; and promote you in the best way possible.  Make sure you have a professional wrap provider to help you advertise your company!